Welcome to Mark's (garbage) website!

So, to anyone who stumbles onto this website, welcome! This website will mainly consist of any projects I'm working on, or just whatever I'm thinking about at that moment.

Listed below are some other webpages, if you're curious about stuff.


My Websites! - This is where you can see all my abominations of websites I've created. They range from funny to just... why.

My Collection! - This is my technology collection page (very interesting, I know), feel free to browse and look at the dumb shit on there.

About Me! - This is info about me, I guess.

Lost Media! (Section coming soon) - Random bits of Lost Media I find interesting enough to make a page for.

Mah Friends! - These are people I call my friends, like me they are all dumb in their own right. Some of their social media shit is also linked there.

Family Trees! - This is where I'll show family trees I've created for fun. They take some effort, but I love the result.

My Blog! - This will be a place where I talk about whatever is going on that day... y'know, like a blog.

Contact Me! - This is where you can... well, contact me about whatever, whenever.

Changelog! - Literally just anything major I change about the website will be put here.

Also, yes all dates in this website are day/month/year, fuck you america lol.

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