About Me!

So, you wanna know about me? Well, I'm not a very interesting person honestly. My name is Mark, I'm a semi-anonymous teen on the interwebz.

I guess I like playing Minecraft and making shit websites, as i'm pretty sure you can tell.

I have many interests that may be considered odd, such as old tech and lost media! Always found both of them very interesting. Don't know why...

On top of old tech, always enjoyed using it, such as recording in VHS format... (This video was for some VHS Generation Loss Video) but I can't do much of it anymore, due to my capture card breaking a while ago... I don't really know why I like VHS stuff though, might just be it's a nice amateur looking video format. I always hated though fake VHS effects too, like 99.9% of them just never look real. It doesn't cost *that* much to get real equipment - I could rant about this all day honestly.

I also have a Sphynx (Hairless) cat named Bo who's a year old! (born on 23/06/2020) Man, hate on Bo all you want, but I love him so damn much.

Another thing I really enjoy I can only describe as "endurance art" without the hunger aspect. Always wanted to do something like that, partly out of boredom, partly cause I think it would be interesting... so I did. Over the years, I have done things you could consider as endurance art... or more just endurance than anything, here's a list!

I've started getting really into creating graphical family trees. They're so cool in my opinion. If you wanna see some really good ones, check out YouTuber UsefulCharts.

I'll put some more info when I can think of anything more to write. Hope this gave a good idea into my interests tho.

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