April 2022:

19/04/2022 (6:55pm):

Today, I had to go back to school... god damn it sucks more than I remember! I guess that's what happens when you go on a 2 week break. You forget like all of your troubles. It pisses me off honestly, but that's life I suppose. Point is, I started off with a bit of a shit day. But, not everything is bad. I uploaded a new video to my replay channel. On top of that I finally fully 100%'d Rhythm Doctor! (image here) So, yeah. That's pretty much it for today. I should probably update this more, but I doubt anyone reads this anyway. Oh, and I got Phasmophobia (is that how you spell that???) gifted to me by a friend, so that's really nice. I'm probably gonna head to the gym, so unless anything else happens today, this is where my blog entry ends. See ya next blog entry.

11/04/2022 (Next Day 12:30am):

I guess I should give more context on why I wanted to make a blog... I guess I was very inspired by Adam Kontras and his vlog he has been doing since January 2000 (Well, technically May 1999). Point is, he's been doing this stuff for a while and I found it so cool! I love archiving and documenting and all that, so it kinda makes sense why I would love this so damn much. As for today... I've been thinking about whether I should add a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page to my website... I think it would be useful. I mean, maybe it is a stupid idea, who knows? Not much has gone on today, honestly. I've mostly been watching Gaki No Tsukai (A Japanese Variety Show, starring 5 comedians). They really are funny, people should check them out. I mean, many people know of them already, but I think more should know of them. I think that's all that's on my mind for today (I mean, I'm technically writing this 30 minutes past midnight on the next day, but shhhhhh). Point is, today was a bit of a boring day, but a good day, at least, though that urge to "make something" is coming back. I'm rambling on now, I seem to do that a lot, lol. See ya next blog entry.

10/04/2022 (9:40pm):

So, this is the start of my blog on the internet! I'm not sure on what to say currently. As I write this, I've been thinking of ideas for YouTube videos and what else to do on this website so i thought that perhaps making a blog could give me something to do. So, expect new blog entries whenever I feel like it!


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