May 2022:

26/05/2022 (5:30pm):

Today, I felt so damn tired. I mean, I feel like going to sleep now. Of course, I'm not gonna... I never take naps after all. As for my family tree projects, I've kinda stopped doing them. I've just felt so tired of everything. Only things that keep me sane are my (online) friends. In all honesty, I'm not really sure who IRL I could truly call a friend. The term "friends" is so subjective... some use it as a blanket term. I tend to think about friends more... seriously? I wouldn't know how to describe it. It sucks, cause I treat online friends so much more like friends, but I feel like many people think of online friends as more... disposable or replaceable. Maybe I'm just thinking too much about it, I don't know (No one even reads this though, so it doesn't really matter haha). I guess this all relates to my monthly... weekly... daily spiral into the "do I matter??" mindset. People just say think positively, but it's so difficult to me to just "think better/happier". Either way, I'll probably be fine... maybe. With that being said, I'll see ya next blog entry.

25/05/2022 (5:10pm):

Sorry for not updating for a while, life happens. I haven't been doing too much, besides the fact that since I last made a blog entry, I've been getting *extremely* into making family trees! To me, the act of seeing someones ancestors, and being able to trace them far back is such an interesting concept. School still sucks, but that's not really a surprise, of course. Also, not spoiling anything, but the Ryan Reynolds family tree I'm working on, manages to trace him... *very* far back... like 5,000 years. It's amazing haha. Recently, I've started talking to a great friend of mine that I hadn't (properly) heard of since at least a year ago. He was so nice, and damn he is as nice as I remember him (thank you for everything, Max). I doubt he'd read this though- still, on the off chance he does, might as well put it in. I'll think about adding him to the friend page. If I can think of anything else to put, I'll add an edit or whatever. I don't really have a strict policy for my blog after all. For now, see ya next blog entry.


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