Get it? Changelog.

Note: More recent changes will be higher on the page... also i might forget to put stuff on here. Also, I won't put every blog entry on here.

29/12/2022 3:27pm: Added to My Game Interests in /aboutme.

25/12/2022 2:14am: Added some interests and games I enjoy to /aboutme.

17/11/2022 6:20pm: Added image of Source Code to /totallynotanipgrabber. (it really isn't)

14/11/2022 1:38pm: Added SNES to /collection/tech

14/11/2022 1:14am: Finished /totallynotanipgrabber, got it working.

14/11/2022 12:51am: Created /totallynotanipgrabber (shows IP address, doesn't store it, uses iframe).

29/09/2022 11:07pm: Updated /nordvpn, fixed link. (not listed on last updated)

24/09/2022 10:02pm: Updated /nordvpn, forgot to end link tag. (not listed on last updated)

31/08/2022 5:35pm: Updated /nordvpn, fixed redirect.

30/08/2022 8:35pm: Created /nordvpn, based on joke copypasta i made.

20/07/2022 12:42am: Added website to Willit's Friend Page

19/07/2022 4:51pm: Added Lost Media (no link) to Front Page

16/06/2022 5:08pm: Added Ryan Reynolds' Family Tree to /familytrees.

28/05/2022 9:40pm: Added /friends/tor (Torcenta's Friend Page), and added it to /friends.

25/05/2022 6:30pm: Added family trees interest to my /aboutme

25/05/2022 5:10-5:25pm: Added a Blog Archive that is organised by month (might do this with changelog?).

23/05/2022 7:10pm: Added /familytrees, and added it to front page.

23/05/2022 6:44pm: Added Original Xbox to /collection/tech

23/05/2022 6:35pm: Added RQ-194s to /collection/tech

23/05/2022 12:15am: Added website on Doug's friend page.

23/04/2022 3:04am: Fixed small formatting issue in /contact/key

19/04/2022 6:45pm: Added /img (just for images so my life is easier).

10/04/2022 9:40pm: Added /blog and added the blog to Front Page... yeeeee.

08/04/2022 4:50pm: Updated /collection/tech, to fix ful-vue camera release date.

26/03/2022 3:50pm-4:32pm: Fixed/Cleaned up all code on most pages. (thanks CSS!) Also added back friend page that I removed.

08/03/2022 10:03pm: Added my Endurance List, and the screenshots for my 24/7 livestream, also updated /aboutme with a link to all that.

07/03/2022 11:08pm: A Hit Counter is added to the front page. woooo 90's vibes.

05/03/2022 11:59pm: Doug's Friend Page is created.

05/03/2022 10:30pm: Removed an ex-friend's page.

05/03/2022 5:40pm: Fiddled with CSS and cleaned up code in Front Page, /disclaimer and /changelog (mostly as a test)

05/03/2022 3:50pm: Fixed issue in /contact/key (PGP Key page).

05/03/2022 3:21pm: Fiddled with CSS in /disclaimer.

08/12/2021 8:48pm-9pm: Removed info from a couple of pages. No further info.

02/12/2021 12:16am: Updated About Me to include endurance interests. No list yet though.

28/11/2021 3:20pm: Updated About Me slightly

28/11/2021 3:30am: Updated About Me to include my cat.

26/11/2021 12:53am: kinda added an easter egg

25/11/2021 3:40pm: Finally updated my About Me Page...

24/11/2021 2:35am: Updated Front page to include /collection. Added /collection, /collection/tech, and /collection/personal. None of the collection "entries" are currently working though.

09/11/2021 8:05pm: Discord tag mysteriously changed, updated info.

08/10/2021 2:25am-2:32am: 404 page is now working and is updated.

08/10/2021 1:57am: I change the hosting from Replit to Netlify... it's pretty good.

06/10/2021 3:21am: Phone Number is removed from front page.

06/10/2021 2:05am-2:09am: /friends/old is created, and the old section of /friends is removed.

06/10/2021 1:58am: WilliT's Friend Page is created.

05/10/2021 8:15pm: Updated Jolyne's Friend Page with "proof".

05/10/2021 8:09pm: Jolyne's Friend Page is created.

05/10/2021 6:50pm: Wil's Friend Page is created.

05/10/2021 5:17pm: Lynn's Friend Page is created.

05/10/2021 3:15am: Zeroko's Friend Page is created.

05/10/2021 3:03am: Runa's Friend Page is created.

05/10/2021 2:53am: Jake's Friend Page is created.

04/10/2021 9:21pm: Front page has my limited time phone number added to it.

04/10/2021 5:37pm-5:45pm: /friends has some more small adjustments made to it.

04/10/2021 3am-3:16am: /friends has some small adjustments made to it.

04/10/2021 2:34am: /friends has a placeholder table added to it... for a new redesign.

29/09/2021 3:54pm: /changelog is added to the front page.

29/09/2021 3:46-54pm: I attempt to put the changelog in the front page, and fail lmao.

29/09/2021 3:46pm: /changelog is created.

Changes made before the changelog was created: (Times may be inaccurate)

28/09/2021 7:38pm: /disclaimer is updated... again.

c. 28/09/2021: /disclaimer is tweaked to sound better.

27/09/2021 11:28pm: /disclaimer is created, and put on the front page.

26/09/2021 3:08am: /websites is updated to include

03/09/2021 2:16am: /friends is updated to include Zeroko.

28/08/2021 ~3am: /404 page is created.

28/08/2021 2:28am: /friends is updated to include Lynn.

25/08/2021 12:09am: /friends (Mah Friends!) is created. (With Wil, Jake and Cooper being the first to be added)

c. 24/08/2021 7pm-25/08/2021 12am: /friends is under construction.

23/08/2021 2:39am: /aboutme is created and put on the front page. And isn't updated for over 3 months.

23/08/2021 12:54am: /contact is updated.

23/08/2021 ~12:00am: /websites (My Websites!) is created.

22/08/2021 ~10:05pm: /contact/key (PGP Key) is created.

22/08/2021 ~10:00pm: /contact (Contact Me!) is created.

22/08/2021 ~9:30pm: page is created. With no links for a time.

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