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A Small Disclaimer.

This website is not meant to cause any distain or unpleasantness to any people mentioned on the website and all mentioned on this website or any websites created by me have consented. I do not give anyone permission to replicate, copy, or claim my websites. (Of course snippets and such are fine, just no large page copies or entire website copies etc). Any copies of this website ( or any websites created by me (,, if they are a copy (e.g. not from the stated domains), I am not associated with them (unless specifically stated otherwise), nor do I endorse them, as they may have writing or comments that I do not agree with. Anyone who claims to have created this website that doesn't have the discord username Mark#8459, or that is unable to answer using this specific PGP key is not me, or associated with me. If you have any concerns or questions regarding this disclaimer, please look here for anything. This disclaimer may change at any time.

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