Mah Friends!

(From before 06/10/2021)

(Met on 02/09/2019) Jake - I met this dude playing minecraft, he's absolutely fucking stupid, and thats why i'm friends with him... tl;dr he sucks balls.

"Has Runa posted hentai yet?" -Jake 24/08/2021

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(Met on c. 05/2020) Runa - Met this dude from Jake, he's shit hacker man, he stupid and kinda smart basically.

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(Met on 15/11/2020) Zeroko - When I created a server for Unus Annus, she was like the 5th to join, she's a funny person, what else can i say? yea, epic

"If your age is on the clock, you smell like piss. Go change your fucking diaper, homie." -Zeroko 02/09/2021

Twitch Discord: Zeroko#9855

(Met on c. 11/2020) Lynn - Also when I made a server for Unus Annus, she joined. I mean, she's all around a good person in my opinion, can take a joke too.


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(Met on 16/05/2021) Wil - I met this dude while playing Tetris... I mean, he's pretty fun to play and chat with. (also he is a tad bit depressing...)

"lmao you think i give a shit about anything?" -Wil 24/08/2021

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