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(Created at 11/07/2021 ~1am) - This website was created because my friend wil wanted it... it's beautiful, isn't it.

(Created at 11/07/2021 ~3:30am) - This website was created only to poke fun at an online friend of mine called OrangeTriangle. He never said his name, age, location etc. So I made a *very real* and informative website about him.

(Was created at 18/08/2021 2:06am, Closed 08/12/2021 8:45pm) This website is down for reasons.

(Created at 22/08/2021 ~9:30pm) - This is the website you're on! It's a personal kinda website, I guess.

(Created at 26/09/2021 3:05am) - I made a website for another friend of mine called wil. He told me to do whatever with it. So rest in piss forever miss.

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